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Ugg boots

Wear UGG boots this winter no matter what the world would say about them. Yes, I'm one of the most controversial fashion subjects, but that does not have to stop you because fashion is changing and it's important to tackle the pieces you like. I have to admit that most of the times I saw these winter boots in the house but, after all, the Birckenstock sandals were used for exactly the same purpose before getting into the wardrobes of stylists and fashion publishers. So it suits a pair of UGG boots whenever you want to be comfortable.
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How to wear spring boots

Even if it started in the spring, it's like you do not want to take out the cut shoes and the balloons. See how you can wear your boots this season. Whether they are over knees or to the ankle, boots should remain the basic footwear in the next period. Fortunately, there are versatile accessories that can be worn with both thicker and thinner parts. Boots can be worn with any skirt, from short to knee, but you need to be careful about the type of silhouette you have.

The thick heels - the spring dress maneuver

And for a few days I'm still thinking about thick heels and their obvious utility in a wardrobe. Some of us have enough roads on foot, we get stuck for hours of the day, go shopping, etc. It is sometimes necessary to have the same pair in the morning until evening and fit for office work, parenting, girlfriend vernissage and coffee meeting with former colleagues. There are some reasons why I'm glad that the thick heels are slowly coming back and losing their heads between the stiletto (who admit how elegant and "in a way", but also how uncomfortable they can be): Even with the heels that are really tall, it's good to have some stability, that's thicker. If you find and will like the formula of square, medium-sized heels, because I start looking at them with a bear, then use it. You will be elegant, with a retro air and your feet will thank you in the evening. In a respected wardrobe, Bref uses the "collector" every day, step by step,

Again about Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes have slipped for a couple of good seasons in our outfits and we are grateful to the fact that we can no longer separate them from them! A fashionista will shine on the highest heels, but there is a time when she just wants to relax without stopping to be incredibly stylish, and at such times choose Oxford shoes. Here's how fashion evolved in 2016 and what are the Oxford pairs of shoes that you do not have to miss in the wardrobe! Classic Oxford Shoes Fashion is reviving old trends and refreshing trends, but at the same time, the classic will never die. Going on the "Why repair it if it's not broke", classical Oxford shoes continue to populate our dressing in 2016 too! Tomboy style is the one that is now prevailing when you ask yourself "how to wear my Oxford shoes". Torn blouses and leather jackets have become indispensable, and the crop top continues to dominate girls' clothing choices everywhere. Neutral colors and minimali

Red shoes - what are you wearing?

Red shoes are often considered to be an element that adds a seductive note to the outfit. That is why many women wonder if it is appropriate to wear red shoes under various circumstances. Also, a question that often occurs when we think of the wonderful red shoes is "with what we can match red shoes?". That's why we're here to introduce you some colors and textures that you can fill with such shoes. The result will always be an impressive one that will attract the attention and admiration of others. This time, we will not talk about a particular shoe model, as red shoes are found in any category of shoes - formal, elegant, casual or sporty. What we are trying to offer are some color ideas that you can easily match with your red shoes to get a look of sensation. The red shoes fit perfectly with the black. It is said that black matches everything - which is somewhat true, yet there are also different colors that I did not recommend assorted in black. But, in terms

Choosing boots over knees

All knee boot models, especially those without a heel, look best at high-quality bridesmaids. If you are not in this category, but you have the correct proportions of the body, then you can wear such boots. It is important to choose the most optimal model (these are many), to which you can easily match the right clothes. The knee boot models are much more than you can imagine: wide-legged, creased, with or without a heel, rounded, square or sharp, zippered, with or without lining, as well as leather, leather or textile, both in classic shades and in any other shade. Knee-length boots in varnished leather look good only on the podium, being simply unsuitable for being worn on the streets.

How to wear brown autumn boots?

After the outside temperatures we see that we have little and comes in the autumn. When I think I have to sort out my clothes, climb the top shelves on the thin ones and "pull them out" on the thick ones, I get fatigue. I think you know or you've noticed that there are some "emblematic" outfits every season. For example, I noticed the outfit made of a dress with a strap and jeans jacket, dress and opaque tights, there are a few that I do not come to mind now. Some of my favorite autumn outfits contain long brown boots.