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Red shoes - what are you wearing?

Red shoes are often considered to be an element that adds a seductive note to the outfit. That is why many women wonder if it is appropriate to wear red shoes under various circumstances. Also, a question that often occurs when we think of the wonderful red shoes is "with what we can match red shoes?". That's why we're here to introduce you some colors and textures that you can fill with such shoes. The result will always be an impressive one that will attract the attention and admiration of others.

This time, we will not talk about a particular shoe model, as red shoes are found in any category of shoes - formal, elegant, casual or sporty. What we are trying to offer are some color ideas that you can easily match with your red shoes to get a look of sensation.
The red shoes fit perfectly with the black.

It is said that black matches everything - which is somewhat true, yet there are also different colors that I did not recommend assorted in black. But, in terms of red, it's not even a novelty that this color fits nicely with black. whether you're opting for a totally black outfit, or where black is predominant, red shoes will be the culmination of it, giving you extra femininity, a perfect style and a charming attitude.

Red and white - a splendid combination. Like black, and white matches everything, so a white outfit will look miraculously with red shoes. As you probably already know, white express purity, while red express sensuality and confidence. Thus, the combination of the two colors can only be one of a truly dramatic effect.
Black and white filled in red.

Surely you know that a black and white combination is classic. And since red shoes fit so well with both black and white outfits, it's wise enough to figure out what would be the effect of a black and white combination, complemented by a pair of red stiletto shoes.

Red and gray for an exceptional outfit. Gray is a neutral color, and an inspired choice to replace the classic choice of white or black. Just as red shoes fit nicely with black and white, they will add a note of femininity to your gray outfit.

Red shoes in a red outfit. Although it is appropriate to match your red shoes to a fully red outfit, it is advisable to take care how you do it. Although it may seem like the ideal combination, you should consider an important aspect for such a combination - try to choose the outfit and the shoes in the same shade of red. And if this is not entirely possible, try at least to wear pieces whose red hue is as close as possible to each other.

Red and pink. In the past, this combination of colors was completely uncomfortable in fashion and style. Nowadays, however, you can match your red shoes to a pink outfit, as long as you care for the result to be a pleasant sight.

Red and blue. The red fits in general with any shade of blue. So, if your outfit is made up of blue pieces of clothing, do not look into completing it with a pair of red shoes. The result will surely amaze you.

Red shoes in a variety of prints and textures. You can easily match your red shoes with an outfit that has different prints or textures. This combination is a successful one, especially if the hue of the shoe is found in the print or texture of your outfit.

Red and green - yes or no? If you want to combine these two colors in your outfit, you can do it very carefully. Otherwise, the risk is to wear a outfit to make you look ridiculous. A good combination of these two colors would be red shoes in a jade green, for example. Especially avoid the combination of red with green in open shades.

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