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How to wear spring boots

Even if it started in the spring, it's like you do not want to take out the cut shoes and the balloons. See how you can wear your boots this season.

Whether they are over knees or to the ankle, boots should remain the basic footwear in the next period. Fortunately, there are versatile accessories that can be worn with both thicker and thinner parts.
Boots can be worn with any skirt, from short to knee, but you need to be careful about the type of silhouette you have.

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Ugg boots

Wear UGG boots this winter no matter what the world would say about them. Yes, I'm one of the most controversial fashion subjects, but that does not have to stop you because fashion is changing and it's important to tackle the pieces you like.
I have to admit that most of the times I saw these winter boots in the house but, after all, the Birckenstock sandals were used for exactly the same purpose before getting into the wardrobes of stylists and fashion publishers. So it suits a pair of UGG boots whenever you want to be comfortable.

Small heel shoes

Small heel shoes

Always high-heeled shoes were women's preferences, but they are not the easiest option. A woman can also be stylish in a pair of small heel shoes that give her comfort and reliability on the move. They can easily be integrated into office, casual or occasional outfits. We find various types of small heels, such as pump, kitten or block. Small footwear benefits every type of silhouette. Minions, whether corpulent or weak, can resort to them without complexity. For tall or very tall women, low-heeled shoes are the most appropriate solution to reduce the appearance of excess height. Also, small heel shoes benefit from any type of ankle, thick or thin.